Sing: ko s’Oba bire
kosi kosi
ko s’Oba bire
kosi kosi
L’aye yi ati l’Orun
ko s’Oba bire!

“The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.”
Nahum 1:7 KJV

For every believer on earth, there will be days of trouble, it’s not a curse, it’s a necessity. For everyone who names the name of Jesus Christ there will be days of mocking disgrace and shame, and you can’t pray them away but you must pass through them to glory.

From the pure and simple scripture above, “The Lord is good!” And yes he’s good! your situation, shame, or disdain can’t make Him bad!

“A stronghold in the day of trouble” – was proved by Hezekiah, when he took refuge in the Lord and was delivered and the mocking Assyrians destroyed.

“And He knows them who trust in Him” – concerns the delight the Lord takes in those who place their trust in Him and His Word, and not on the frail arm of man.

The two words “He knows”, are a consolation to all who totally trust Him; their trust , though maligned by the world and by most of the church, is rather recognized and blessed by Him.

If you have chosen to believe in God and His messengers, then stop listening to voices that oppose your trust in Him! God knows you by name and will radically defend and avenge your matter! Even you will plead for your enemies when He’s at work!

I decree and declare that God’s mercy will outrun you today and overshadow you with love!




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