Take no rest! All you who pray!!

Isaiah 62:7 says “take no rest all you who pray, and give God no rest until He establishes Jerusalem and makes her respected and admired throughout the earth. (The Living Bible).

Are there promises the lord has made to you? Don’t just stop at claiming them, tirelessly pray till you see their manifestations. Are there circumstances surrounding you that you are not comfortable with? Pray!

Do you need a change, do you want to grow spiritually? Are you dissatisfied with your prayer life? Do you need strength to mount up with wings as eagles? Then pray! Are there some troublesome sicknesses, pains or diseases in your body? Don’t just relax because you have taken drugs or treatment, pray! You can enjoy divine health when you stand your ground in the place of prayer continually.

You build confidence in the place of prayer to conquer mountains like situations, you also receive strength to pray likewise for others.

Keep the fire on your altar burning, pray without ceasing, take no rest all you who pray! The reward and victory is not just for those who pray but for those who pray fervently and continually.

Let’s get practical, if you need healing in your body; morning, noon and night, continuously declare, don’t rest, keep mentioning it to the lord and keep strengthening your own faith.

If your knees are feeble in the place of prayer, pray! Don’t wait till you feel strong, praying for strength to pray is a way to start!

You will fail if you wait till the days of adversity before you pray! Build your self daily- praying!. Your business or busy schedule should not be an excuse, be willing, ready and disciplined always, keep doing it and it will become your habit and ultimately your lifestyle!

I pray that the lord will strengthen our feeble knees that we may take our place in His Presence- praying daily in Jesus name!!

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