I am thankful to God for His grace and mercy; that l have enjoyed through this ministry. From one of the messages shared on this platform which also came with specific instructions by the leading of the Spirit. The message accurately addressed one of the issues going on in my life at that time. Actually, l was supposed to obtain a Letter of Placement from my postgraduate programme Coordinator at the University of Lagos, this placement is part of the requirements for the fulfillment of my programme in which failure to obtain the letter would attract extra semester and tuition fee. The Coordinator insisted he was not going to give me another letter for the same purpose twice. Apparently, he had given me one but l needed another one as l had to change my initial address and location for some reason. So it was like asking for the impossible. My faith came alive after reading the message and l appropriated the scriptures to my situation with prayers. By the following morning, l had mustered much courage to see him in his office. And to the glory of God he turned out to be friendly as against being hostile...he finally gave me the letter and also prayed that I would find favour. I was so overwhelmed by this kind gesture. Glory to God.
Brother Rotimi
All the ministrations (the devotionals, audio and video messages and broadcasts) has really been a source of strength to me so far. The ministry started at a very crucial season of my life and I thank God today I can say I am a product of God's Grace and Anointing in the life of the visionary. During the October 1st broadcast this year, the Lord said through the man of God that I am healed of breast cancer, I believed and received God's Word to me, I also got the strength through the ministration of that day to walk in the reality of it... Its been three months already and I give God the glory, I am healthy and perfectly fine, and all through the time, I have not had the reason to take any drug/treatment at all.
Also, i have particularly come into a better understanding of FAITH, PRAYER, GIVING and WRITING..
Sister Tosin
The LORD is more than faithful in all circumstances to me and family. This testimony am about to share happened in early September, 2019. The prophet had told us that God was going to bless us supernaturally. That same week, someone close to me called from Germany, saying he vowed to forward some money to me when God would have done certain things, and He had done so. For that reason therefore, God blessed me and family, that week, with a sum of #50,000.00. Anytime this prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, I am one person who believes the Word, hook, line and sinker. Alleluia!
Pastor Israel
Testimony has always been like evangelism for me, i might be reluctant to share at first but i can go on unending when my spirit man takes the spot. it feels good to be associated with exceeding greatness, its the same way the apostles must have felt with our lord Jesus Christ. if you be willing and obedient, you will see the goodness of the lord. Mary said to the servants at the wedding at cana... do whatever he tells you to do, forget that he is my son he is first and foremost my lord, just obey. i was sought out by God's elect pastor Akinloluwa Adegunju Gabriel, he found me when i was at my basest and through him even with my little obedience, God's face has been shining on me. within the little space of three years, i have been transformed from a slave to an heir of a glorious kingdom. this is my testimony... the blood of Jesus covers me and his Glory shines on me. praise the Lord. AMEN.
Brother Femi
I remember when we were told to watch out for angels, and in the same week I started seeing them.
Brother Dayo
I want to thank God for transforming my life since I started partaking in Eaglesight Ministries, and I also thank God for more blessing to come.
Brother Biyi
ln all my years of working, my salary package is usually between 30k- 40k. But this month, l got a job offer of 150k, the first of its kind in my eight years of working. God heaped up, prepared the way, and removed all the stumbling blocks out of my way and launched me into a new dimension... Glory to God.
Sometime in January, l applied for a Federal Government Overseas Scholarship and by March, l was shortlisted ( among the 6,000 successful applicants) for screening out of over 25,000 applicants across the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria. To prepare for the interview, l was required to come along with some documents among which was my transcript. Ideally, the application and the processing of the application would take at least two weeks and I had only a week to prepare for the interview. Apparently, obtaining the transcript before the day of the interview was almost impossible except for divine intervention. A day before the interview, having spent four days back and forth trying to follow up the process, the Registrar who was supposed to sign the transcript became particularly interested in me and gave me a note to the Secretary informing her of the urgency of my situation.And directed her to ensure that my transcript was ready that day which was the last day before the interview. Miraculously by 3:30pm, my transcript was ready and after signing the papers l collected my transcript.Glory to God.