How many of us can pass the test of humility? Having a high self esteem is not the same as pride and arrogance. As a matter of truth, a proof that a man is bold and confident is in how humble and meek he is, we can see this in the life of Christ in Mathew 11:29. Those in the world may measure their confidence by their arrogance but for those who are on a journey to being like Christ, it is in meekness and lowliness.

Are you struggling with building your self esteem? Seek to know God till you can boast in nothing else more than the knowledge of God, the more you know the lord, the less you have to bother about pleasing men.

Be like Christ, He was so focused on doing the will of His father than doing what the world would have him do. You are a child of God, this alone should motivate you, raise your head high and be confident in whom you are in Christ. Be filled with the Spirit of God, where the spirit of the lord is, there is liberty; freedom from all forms of timidity, fear, inferiority complex etc..

Pray more! You cannot spend most of your time with God and be afraid of men or what they think about you, your stature, complexion, abilities or achievements.

Be in the right company, move with those who would be interested in seeing you grow spiritually before seeing you look and feel acceptable. Humility is not stupidity, it is strength and boldness in meekness.

May we focus on being meek and lowly like Jesus all the time in Jesus Name!

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