• The Lord opened my eyes on the first day of the month of April and I saw that this is our month of deliverance and safety.

  • I saw that this month will be filled with evil devices (Covid-19 will be a child’s play).

  • There will be attempted assassinations all over the world, many of which will fail and few were successful.
    It will be a case of people who were plotting a coup but didn’t know a coup was also being plotted against them.

  • This month is marked by massive sounds of armed robbery, but for those that call on the name of God, those who depend on the living God, they’ll be preserved; their household will be preserved and nothing will come near them.

  • If you belong to the Nigerian army or involved in anything that has to do with the military take note; this month of April, Nigerian army will record a great success against boko-haram and Fulani militia.

  • Be encourage because several things may arise to discourage men, but God is for us and God is with us. There’ll be victory.

  • Many will never recover from this crisis. Some Nations will be totally depleted.

  • Some Nations will lose their place and will be replaced by other Nations.

  • Pray that there will be no division and escalated crisis.

  • God will give us a great victory this month as some people who cause trouble all over the world will be arrested by God this month. They’ll be delivered to the hands of those searching for them effortlessly this month.

  • There will be a major shake up all over the world and the things which could no longer be a source of living, will become what everyone will need for survival.

  • There is going to be a change, a refocusing, and a kind of boom, for the neglected areas of income for most nations.

  • There will be accidents. God is putting a mark of safety upon you, there shall be no loss of life in your camp. You’ll be preserved.

  • Everywhere you’re going to this month always commit your ways in the hands of God.

  • Anything you want to do commit them to the hands of God (Nothing is too small nor anything too big to commit into God’s hands).

  • Always seek the counsel from the Lord for everything you want to do.

  • This is a month of deliverance from bondages we’ve had in several places for long for the righteous ones.

  • For those in doubt, this month God will do great and mighty things in your life that will give you an assurance that there’s greatness in you by the reason of the Holy Spirit.


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