Sing the wondrous love of Jesus
Sing his mercy and his grace
In the mansions bright and blessed
He’ll prepare for us a place

When we all get to heaven
What a day of rejoicing that will be
When we all see Jesus
We’ll sing and shout the victory

When we place our hope on people, things and objects I.e. to idolise them, we lose our sufficiency that streams from God.

“On God my salvation and my glory rest; He is my rock of [unyielding] strength, my refuge is in God. Trust [confidently] in Him at all times, O people; Pour out your heart before Him. God is a refuge for us. Selah. Men of low degree are only a breath (emptiness), and men of [high] rank are a lie (delusion). In the balances they go up [because they have no measurable weight or value]; They are together lighter than a breath. Do not trust in oppression, And do not vainly hope in robbery; If riches increase, do not set your heart on them. God has spoken once, Twice I have heard this: That power belongs to God. Also to You, O Lord, belong lovingkindness and compassion, For You compensate every man according to [the value of] his work.”
Psalms 62:7‭-‬12 AMP

God wants us to triumph in whatever we do and as a result when we truly hope in Him, His presence in our lives is sufficient for us whether or not we get what we like.
His Presence is of a higher value than an abundance of possessions.
What is in this world that doesn’t depreciate in value other than our souls? Everything that comes out of the earth(dust) must return to the earth and this present earth has a waiting judgement. There’s virtually nothing you see today on earth no matter how aesthetical or great they look that didn’t come out of the earth.

There is nothing precious about the earth but man and there is nothing precious about man but his soul

God’s presence in our lives is an eye opener to the value of our soul but when we’re not contented with His presence and worry over invaluable things we lose His presence and invariably lose our value.
When our hope in God is only for the depreciable things of this world we become like the children of Israel who traded the health of their soul for the itching pleasures of their flesh. Pleasure does not equal to a good health or good life. The aim of the pleasures of this world which our physical eyes can see and hear is to satisfy the lustful desires of misguided souls.
People will worry over invaluable things because they haven’t seen the values(glories) of eternity!

Put your hope in God and let your hope in Him not be for things that have no value. The things your physical eyes can see in this world are too insufficient to prove the magnitude of His power.

Think eternal, dream eternal, imagine endless values…

If we who are [abiding] in Christ have hoped only in this life [and this is all there is], then we are of all people most miserable and to be pitied.
1 Corinthians 15:19 AMP

False witnesses of the gospel of Christ will paint to you beyond proportion the possibilities of this present world at the expense of the realities of a world without end, eternity.

Desire His presence, hope in God because only Him has the power to deliver to you true values ~ issues of eternal life.
Your health may suffer but your soul will be untouched, your finance may shrink but His grace will be sufficient for you, the world may not reward you commensurately or may not even reward you at all but your eternal reward will be waiting.

Pray this:
Father in the name of Jesus, I declare that my hope is in you and not in any man or thing or system.
Overshadow me with your presence and let substance of eternal value be revealed and released into me. Amen!


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