How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word. – Psalm 119 vs 9


He Has given me victory
I will lift Him Higher
Jehovah, I will lift Him Higher

He Has given me favor
I will lift Him higher
Jehovah, I will lift him Higher

“God is our protection and source of strength. He is always ready to help us in times of trouble.”
Psalms 46:1 ERV

God is not a deserter!
Whenever His children need Him, He is always ready to answer them. The problem with many Christians today is that we always see God as being too far from us and that the only way we can reach Him or perhaps make Him hear us is by doing certain things like going to the top of a mountain or fasting for twenty-one days before He can answer us.
Those things in themselves are not unchristian but the misappropriation of their use is what proves us as ignorant. His word is infallible and eternally sure. When we don’t harken to His words we’ll fall back on religious practices.

The scripture where we just read says that God is always ready.
Ready for what?
Ready to deliver you!
Ready to heal you!
Ready to teach you!
Ready to promote you!
Ready to send you!
Ready to provide for you!
Ready to strengthen you!
Ready to announce you!

However, are you ready to receive Him?
Make yourself ready by first repenting of all your unrighteousness which also includes self-righteousness and unbelief; Surrender to the Word of His power as revealed in the scriptures, and simply believe that you may receive.

Hear God’s decree to you this morning:
You will not be put to shame!
Your victory song is sounding!
Go and prevail!


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